Tower solutions

The next level of dust suppression. Covers a wide area without disturbing your operation.

Mist Cannon LIGHT

Compact and light. Perfect for dust suppression, wetting and indoor demolition.

Mist Cannon HEAVY DUTY

DUZTECH HEAVY DUTY mist cannons are built to last! Equipped with a strong chassis the machines are perfect for the Demolition, Steel and Rental business.

Wheel Washing System

Wheel washing system for trucks.


Odour control with water mist.


Dust control system for fan machines and spray bars.The system controls dust suppression units based on information from weather station, movement sensors or manual control.

Fixed system

Fixed mounted spraybars where dust particles have to be reduced.


Trailer – Water tank – Genset. The self contained dust suppression system

Recent News

New movie

We have published a new movie showing a mist cannon removing dust during truck loading.

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Automated dust suppression system delivered in Sweden

This autumn we have delivered an automated dust suppression system for a customer site in Sweden. The system solves the problem with dust at a slagg handling site. More information will follow.

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We welcome our three new employees

Duztech continues to grow and is now proud to present three new employees. Lars Wärmefors. Lars is the new sales and project manager for the Nordic countries. Elon Eriksson. Elon is our specialist on automation and systems. Torbjörn Johansson. Tobbe is our hands on specialist on mechanics and will be working in the factory and also

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New homepage

Welcome to our new hompage. Duztech welcomes everyone to our new homepage, which will make it easier to be one of our customers. During the last months we have specifically been working with the visual expression, the user friendliness and our product pages. We are very pleased with the results, but are of course always open

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